SunBeam™   |   Parabolic trough collector

Since 2016, our experienced team has been developing and refining a new parabolic trough collector using a more efficient steel space frame design we call the "SunBeam". The end product is a new low-cost, large-aperture parabolic trough system for large industrial and utility applications with working temperatures in the range of 60° to 400° C.  

This next-generation collector builds on mature, state-of-the-art CSP technologies while adding the following key features:

  • Lower material and assembly costs, driven by new steel space frame layout with superior structural efficiency (patent-pending)

  • 8.20m aperture and up to 210m collector array length; for fewer components, piping loops, control points, and maintenance items

  • All design aspects were extensively optimized for automated manufacture, streamlined assembly, and improved reliability

The SunBeam is a conservative design leveraging bankable components, proven assembly approaches, and the support of a veteran team.  A second-generation, more technically-aggressive SunBeam variant is in parallel development.


This innovative technology was developed and tested under cost-shared funding support from the U.S. SunShot Initiative.  For more information please contact us.