SunBeam™   |   Parabolic trough collector

The SunBeam is a new large aperture parabolic trough solar collector developed by our experienced team for megawatt and gigawatt scale solar heat applications with intermediate (60-400°C) working temperatures.  This next-generation technology marries proven utility-grade mirrors, receivers, and drive systems with a patent-pending steel space frame tracking structure to realize:

  • Very large collector sizes; up to 1.25MWt rated output per array, simplifying large projects by reducing the number of collectors and related components, controllers, instrumentation, and piping

  • A robust yet efficient framing system that simultaneously provides high optical accuracy, superior strength, and lowest installed cost

  • A modular design architecture using mass-produced tube struts that are easy to manufacture, efficient to assemble, and readily mass-customized to the requirements of a given site.

The SunBeam represents a next generation parabolic trough system that is still founded upon bankable componentry, mature technology, and decades of real-world experience.  


This innovative technology was developed and tested under cost-shared funding support from the U.S. SunShot Initiative.  For more information please contact us.