Intensive R&D combined with manufacturing scale-up have reduced the cost of state-of-the-art CSP trough collectors by 40% or more in recent years, while also resulting in greatly simplified on-site assembly and installation processes. Further, these new collector systems are now mass-manufactured industrial hardware with performance and reliability that far surpass earlier designs using custom-manufactured mirrors, receivers, support frames, and tracking systems.   As a result, CSP-type troughs now represent a highly competitive means of supplying thermal energy to large industrial processes in areas with high solar insolation.  

Our team has been involved in the design and installation of many of the world's largest parabolic trough installations for both CSP power and industrial process heating.  We stand ready to offer low-cost, commercially-proven CSP collector technologies that are specifically optimized for lower temperature (below 400°C) process applications with thermal demand in the range of 2MWth and above.

Process Heat, Steam, and Enhanced Oil Recovery

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