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SunRing™   |   Advanced wireless heliostat

The SunRing is a new 27 square meter heliostat that is completely wireless, quick to assemble, easily-installed, and cost-competitive.   Built on our novel geared azimuth ring, the SunRing’s advantages include:

  • A material-efficient steel space frame construction

  • Rapidly-installed shallow foundation anchors

  • Low-cost wireless drives and controllers

​These features can reduce the cost and timeline associated with solar field construction.  The SunRing technology has been refined and verified both mechanically and optically over the course of three rounds of full scale prototyping, and is now being finalized for commercial transition.

With the SunRing hardware and wireless technology emerging as a validated solution, we are now working toward readiness for demonstration and scale-up via long-duration outdoor tracking testing of the existing prototype, industrialization of the structural components manufacturing, and implementation of optimized hardware and calibration strategies for the geared azimuth carousel system.

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This innovative technology was developed and tested under cost-shared funding support from the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office and U.S SunShot Initiative.  For more information, please review the R&D project reporting below or contact us.

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