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About Solar Dynamics LLC

We are a team of experienced Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) professionals with the common goal of delivering products, services, and projects that enable the U.S. and the world to move to a sustainable and reliable carbon free power sector to help address climate change in an economic manner.

The market for solar power is changing. As the world moves to greater penetrations of wind and photovoltaics, new more flexible renewable power resources will be needed. CSP plants can provide power when the sun isn't shining, a key advantage.  We believe that CSP with thermal energy storage can provide a viable option to address the intermittency and peaking concerns that utilities will increasingly experience with high penetrations of intermittent renewables.  

Our proprietary technology focus is in molten salt tower technology, molten salt trough technology, and developing advanced heliostat and trough collector designs to make these systems more cost-effective.

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