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O&M Tools and Services

Increasing contributions from wind and PV solar require Southwestern US grid operators to address the challenge of steep ramps and multiple daily peaks to balance energy supply and demand.

Solar Dynamics has developed an improved CSP plant design that is optimized for dispatch, capacity, and flexible operation.  This system provides a cost-competitive, low carbon option to deliver on-demand capacity and ancillary services to the utility in much the same manner as current gas peaker plants.

For more information please see the SunShot Project Profile or Contact Us

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Aerial Solar Thermal Radiometric Observer (ASTRO™)

Solar Dynamics is incorporating artificial intelligence to quickly identify, assess, and catalog the status of each of the  hundreds of thousands of components in large CSP solar fields without interrupting normal plant operation. The project is developing AI models to identify solar receivers with lost vacuum or hydrogen infiltration as well as directly observable issues such as broken mirrors or ball joint binding. Information gathered from aerial surveying can also feed additional post-processing analyses of optical performance, mirror soiling, and heat transfer fluid leaks. 

Optimization of CSP Plant O&M (FieldStatus™)

Power plant maintenance is a complex and expensive endeavor. Specialized software packages called Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) automate identifying, planning, and executing maintenance activities. Adopting CMMS for solar field maintenance presents a challenge extending to the hundreds-of-thousands of components and aligning with the daily workflows of solar field O&M staff.  FieldStatus bridges this gap, helping to lower O&M costs and maximize availability


This innovative technology was developed with funding support from the U.S. SunShot Initiative. For more information please review the SunShot project profile and final report, or contact us. 

These projects are made possible by cost-shared funding from the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office.  For more information please contact us.

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