The solar collector field represents the largest single cost in most solar installations.  Our team carries more than fifty years combined experience in solar collector design and performance engineering with a strong emphasis on design innovation, design for manufacturability and assembly improvement, and quality assurance testing.

Our experience has been that success in solar field deployment is as much a function of effective planning an execution in the manufacturing and quality control phases as it is of having a good design.  We are happy to review your manufacturing and quality control strategy, or develop one from scratch. 

CSP Plant Technology
Operating CSP Plants

Our prior experience includes the development, engineering, and construction of some of the world's largest CSP power plants.  We offer consulting advisory service in each of these areas to help our clients expedite the development and engineering of their projects.

Our CSP expertise is not merely theoretical and includes a thirty year track record of dealing with operational and maintenance issues as well as plant performance optimization.  As consultants, we can help to measure and improve the performance of clients' existing assets.

Collector Design and Analysis
Collector Manufacturing and Qualification

Consulting Services

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