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Consulting Services


CSP Plant Technology

Our prior experience includes the development, engineering, and construction of some of the world's largest CSP power plants.  We offer consulting advisory service in each of these areas to help our clients expedite the development and engineering of their projects.

Operating CSP Plants

Our CSP expertise is not merely theoretical and includes a thirty year track record of dealing with operational and maintenance issues as well as plant performance optimization.  As consultants, we can help to measure and improve the performance of clients' existing assets.

Plant Simulation

We have extensive simulation experience using the NREL System Advisor Model (SAM), TRNSYS, and other tools to reliably forecast the performance of CSP trough and tower plants and other related thermal systems.  Our team has developed performance models for some of the world's largest CSP plants and we continue to take on new and challenging simulation projects.

Solar Collector Technology

The solar field represents the largest capital cost and operating cost in most projects.  Our team carries more than fifty years combined experience in concentrating collector design, engineering, and deployment.  We support clients with design and engineering issues, assembly planning, and in other technical advisory capacities.  We also work with existing CSP plant owners to improve performance of already operating fields.

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