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Solar Dynamics Team

Our team has extensive experience in concentrating solar power and process heat, including direct involvement in development, design, installation, and operation of some of the world's largest concentrating solar projects.  

Henry (Hank) Price, P.E.
Managing Director

Hank is the managing director of Solar Dynamics, focusing on business and administrative issues, business development, and oversees consulting activities. With over 35 years working in CSP at Luz, NREL, Abengoa Solar, and Solar Dynamics, he has extensive operational, analytical, R&D, and commercial experience with CSP technologies. He leads the development of advanced CSP plant designs that are optimized for future markets.   

Patrick Marcotte 
Associate Director

Patrick is the associate director of Solar Dynamics, focusing on technology development.  Patrick has considerable parabolic trough and heliostat development and installation experience, accumulated over 16 years working in technical lead roles at Solar Dynamics, Abengoa Solar, and IST Corp; where he has led and contributed to the development of several state-of-art solar collectors, innovative construction methods, and patents.   

Maria Delgado
CFO and Administration

Maria coordinates the financial and administrative processes at Solar Dynamics LLC.  Maria has 14 years of experience working in renewable energy companies, serving as lead financial officer, and managing multicultural teams in challenging dynamic environments

Core Engineering Team
Bruce Kelley, P.E.
Senior Process Engineer

Bruce is a senior process engineer at Solar Dynamics with 42 years of experience in the design, engineering, and economic assessment of advanced renewable energy conversion systems and conventional power plants.  He has been responsible for the conceptual, preliminary, and final design and economic analysis of advanced solar thermal energy systems, emissions systems for fossil-fired distributed generators, and hydrogen delivery infrastructures.  

Ryan Shininger, P.E.
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Ryan leads Solar Dynamics’ molten salt trough technology development. With over 15 years’ experience working in CSP between Solar Dynamics, Abengoa Solar, the U.S. Department of Energy, and as a third-party consultant, he has extensive operational, analytical, R&D, and commercial experience with different CSP technologies. He also leads Solar Dynamics’ drone surveying technologies and is an FAA licensed sUAS pilot.   

Tim Wendelin
Senior Scientist

Tim is a senior scientist with a focus on collector and heliostat optical systems, modeling, and analysis of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technologies. Over his 35+ year career, Tim has developed various optical characterization tools for both heliostats and troughs. He is the author of SolTraceTM, a globally used software tool for designing/modeling complex CSP optical systems.  Tim leads the optical modeling and testing of both Solar Dynamics’ trough and heliostat technology commercialization projects.    

Keith Boyle
Senior Software Engineer

Keith leads technical development for Solar Dynamics’ Drone-based Infrared Survey system.  He was responsible for designing and developing the minimum viable product and subsequent enhancements to this system. He also leads data exchange with and result delivery to our international survey partner. Keith has extensive background in both solar thermal technology development, from technical lead roles at Solar Dynamics and Abengoa Solar; and software development and systems integration, from senior roles at commercial and defense systems companies.   

Nathan Stegall
Senior Design Engineer

Nathan serves as the primary mechanical design engineer for Solar Dynamics. He developed the structural and mechanical designs for the SunBeam parabolic trough collector and the Drop-C heliostat from initial conceptual design through down-selection, mechanical CAD modeling, production prints, and prototyping. Nathan has 6 years of concentrating solar power collector development experience (at Abengoa and Solar Dynamics) and 15 total years of engineering and design experience across multiple industries. In addition, he has served in leadership roles including Director of Engineering at an industrial equipment OEM.

Rick Sommers
Controls and Mechanical Engineer

Rick is a versatile mechanical engineer specializing in embedded, HVAC, process, and test equipment control systems.  As an astute field engineer with real-world controls application experience, Rick serves as the primary control and instrumentation engineer for Solar Dynamics.   

Kyle Kattke, P.E.
Senior Analyst & Project Manager

Kyle leads Solar Dynamics’ Drop-C heliostat project where in additional to management and reporting responsibilities he is responsible for wind load definition, actuator selection, and overall performance testing.  Kyle also is lead system modeling manager for both internal model development and 3rd party contracts.  He has considerable heliostat development and testing experience, accumulated over 9 years working at Solar Dynamics and Abengoa Solar.  Lastly, Kyle has commercial project development experience from his time at RES deploying disturbed energy scale PV projects, and from Abengoa Solar where he worked on MS tower projects.

Luca Imponenti, PhD
Research Engineer

Luca is a research engineer at Solar Dynamics focusing on technology development. He provides multi-physics modeling capabilities and runs experimental testing of the parabolic trough module at the SolarTAC test site. He has over 6 years of experience developing and testing innovative solar thermal technologies between his doctoral research, NREL and Solar Dynamics, with an emphasis on mid to high-temperature thermal energy storage.

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