Solar Dynamics Team


Our team has experience dating back to the first CSP projects in the U.S. 30 years ago, and includes experience with development, installation, and testing of advanced solar collectors and CSP plant designs at Abengoa, the world leader in CSP deployment.

Henry (Hank) Price, P.E.
Managing Director

Mr. Price is a world-recognized CSP technology expert.  Spanning more than thirty years, his career encompasses several high profile appointments including Chief Technical Officer at Abengoa Solar, manager of the U.S. Department of Energy's CSP R&D activities at NREL, and Performance Engineer for the SEGS plants at Luz International.  Most recently Mr. Price managed Abengoa Solar's US engineering and R&D activities, which included the engineering development and construction of two of the world's largest CSP plants, Solana and Mojave, with 560MWe (gross) combined capacity.  Mr. Price has authored more than twenty major reports and publications related to CSP technology.

Patrick Marcotte 
Associate Director

As the leader of collector technology programs at Abengoa and Industrial Solar Technology (IST) Corp. between 2005 and 2015, Mr. Marcotte oversaw the R&D-stage development and validation of advanced parabolic collectors that were used in several of the world's largest CSP and solar process heat projects.  At Abengoa Mr. Marcotte and his team won three U.S. Department of Energy research funding awards, in which they developed new designs, analysis tools, and assembly-installation processes which have contributed to a reduction of >40% in CSP solar field costs over the last ten years.  Mr. Marcotte is named on seven patents and pending patent applications.

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